september rain

 ripe pomegranate

ripe pomegranate

I was in Cittanova still the whole first week in september, before to emigrate for work in Germany. I had the time to observe what happened in the Land after a cloudy-rainy-sunny time between end of august and beginn of september. The turn from hot and dry august to rainy and refreshing september was no so that precise like last year. There was not any very violent sturm, carrying a lot of dry earth downhill like a black river.

The first good news about this september concerns a fig-plant, which finally decided to produce figs, after 4 years since it was planted. The fig tasted very sweet, trusting what Miss Pannell referred!

 che fico !

che fico !

As I wrote about August, my only trial to grow up a avoado tree from a seed was not successful, due to lack of water in my absence. As revenge for this bad destiny, I decided to buy a avocado tree from the plant-shop, already big, but small enough to fit in my car during the transport to the land. I didn’t yet find the ideal place where to plant it, and provvisorially put it near the house, protected from strong wind and strong sun, waiting for winter and for a ideal position (no wind, but sunny, deep and not too dry soil).

Another good news was about one of the 4 young chestnut-trees on the land. After 3 years since they were planted they are now about 4-5 meter high, and one of them carries already one of those stingy balls, which contain the fruits.

About the quince-trees, there are now 4 small trees, the last two were placed temporalily into the soil and spent both a painful summer, while the elder two, which I planted in spring 2010, this year carried both a small quantity of fruits (soon they should be raip)

A small tree, called Pomegranate, that I planted in may 2009, also carried finally some nearly ripe fruits.

Suddenly at the beginning of september the orange-grapefruit-trees seemed to wake up, producing new white flowers, that are called here with the arabian name “Zagare”

About everything else but the fruit-trees: I spent a lot of time and energy in spring in order to produce some vegetables even without taking care of them during the summer period. But I didn’t consider how full of wild seeds was the mulch that I put in every field! in fact, as I could notice already in june, a certain kind of plants toke completely away space and energy I wish eatable vegetables had! Specially one wild weed grew very well, which now in september produced millions of small black seed. So next year there will be again plenty of them.

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