Agosto – campo mio non ti conosco!

I came back in Cittanova in the middle of August, planning to stay not longer than few weeks. My main occupation in that time consisted in spending good time with German guests, hanging around playing music together outside, eating good food and -most of all- , presenting in Cittanova my art-projekt, called “What is Money?” and spreading around my small local art objects called “Sordi”, which look like money, but aren’t.

The weather was not the same like last year: instead of constant sunny weather we had a lot of partially cloudy days, and some episodes of rainy weather.

What about the plants: some plants died due to lack of water in july: the small avocado plant, one quince-tree, all tabacco-plants and almost all the vegatables plants, which still survived in june.
Only some pumpkin-plant seemed to be surviving surrounded by other wild seasonal plants creating with their big leaves a shadow over the soil that stops evaporation of soil-water.

I could harvest only a small quantity of bromberries from the several wild and cultivated plants all over the property-border, some lemons and a small bag of tomatoes, grown up miraclously without any human care.

the primitiv watering system near the house didn’t work as planned, but the small quantity of water from the watertank allowed a bush of basil to grow up around a young apple-tree…

…and some snails to find a good wet place to flirt in the daytime middle in summer!

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