Chickens are not anymore at all!

As I came back to Calabria few days ago, middle of june, after one-and-half months working in Germany, I could see that what was told me was the truth: all chickens were disappeared, probably all killed by wild animals. The person who was planned to go and control them sometimes (I had built before I left a watersystem to allow them even in very dry times to get constantly new water, so it was theorically no need to be present there every couple of day like last summer I did) referred that about one week since my departure she could observe several dead chickens lying around the chicken-houses. I could by myself notice that the metal net-fence which had had protect the chicken-area from aggressors was in a few places completely risen up over the floor ( as I put the chicken-fence I didn’t put it deep underneath the surface, as someone warmly suggested me!). Theorically it could have been a human chicken-thief, but i don’t believe so much in this theory.
What now? I spent a lot of time and invested a small capital in winter time making this chicken area; I only saved a lot of money and energy refusing building a proper fence, in order to test wether they can live without a human guardian. Now I know that in this case “the one who paid more, is the one who paid less”!
I should have dig all around the area (about 200m lenght), put a row of big rectangular stone, or fill with concret, and put the inferior part of the fence inside it. Only in this way it gets impossible for foxes and similar predators to come inside and take chickens away.
Otherwise, I’m thinking about, how could it work if we observe the chickens not as food for us, but as food for the foxes. They would grow in number, and the very product from this biosystem for human purposes would not be chicken-meat, but …fox-furs! In Sicily some people seem not to refuse even fox meat. Someone from there told me, it is not less tasty than wild pig-meat!

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