Calabrian tobacco?

It’s a very curious story that about tobacco in my Calabrian land. Tobacco is a plant which since its appearing in Europe found good places to grow up. I was already aware of a certain tradition for cigars in Toscana, that region in Italy around Florence. In Italy we are use to call “Toscano” a kind of small cigar made from their own grow-up plants. About south italy I don’t have any information, but I suppose the climate here is the right one.
Anyway, last year I noticed in Germany in the local big store for house-technics and do-it-stuff there was among different kinds of seed-packages a small one with tobacco-seed. In the package intructions stand that it is a warm-loving plant, but in germany in summer should be warm enough… anyway a friend of mine recently told me that his mother tried them out in germany and the tobacco what she harvested was not so cool: probably a warmer climate makes tobacco-plants happier than in Germany.
I found a good idea, to try out the seeds from Germany in Calabria. I bought a package filled with the legal contents for a private tobacco plantation (not more than 99 plants are allowed in Europe for private purpose) and last April I put them in tops with composted earth and water every day. After a while i had to leave for work in germany, and so i let my neighbour (a passionated smoker) take care of the plants in my absence. He gave them water almost every day, at least as long as the first small plants were not come up.

baby tobacco plants

baby tobacco plants

after a few week he referred the plants were growing well, and I was glad for it.
As I could see with my own eyes the young plants, i had the feeling I already saw those plants somewhere, and even pretty often…
As yesterday had my first visit to the land after almost two months, I realized that plants with the same kind of leaves grew up spontaneously a little bit everywhere in the country-side. And they looked just like the tobacco plants illustrated on the tobacco package!!
picture on the tobacco seed package

picture on the tobacco seed package

I felt suddenly like crazy: I had all the time spontaneously growing tobacco plants in my Land in South Italy, and i brought from germany those seeds, which are probably the same what here grows up naturally without any human help!!

i’m not sure that it is the same plant, maybe it is a worthless wild version. the only way to test it is collecting their leaves and working them to tobacco. If it smells like true tobacco… then i didn’t really need to buy seeds otherwere else! it’s like Canadians buying crush-ice from Mexicans!!

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Una risposta a Calabrian tobacco?

  1. Rocco Di Genova ha detto:

    that plant is not tobacco, but Phytolacca americana. It makes small berries, which can be used to color textils of violet


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